A Comprehensive Resource to Help Increase Your Clinical Trial Success

Results from the PwC Health Research Institute 2018 Clinician Survey indicated that physicians do not prioritize clinical trials as an option for patient care.  They found that this is due to a number of reasons within the clinical trial lifecycle from being unaware of the trial to not considering clinical trials an option for patients.  Because of this, technology companies are creating innovative solutions to help clinicians each step of the way to ultimately help the success of clinical trials and get life-saving drugs to market quickly.

In this report, there were so many great nuggets of information, we thought we’d break it down and add hyperlinks to the technology or program so you can get an idea on how these platforms may fill your needs.




  • Cureclick: crowd sharing platform to increase clinical trial awareness within patient populations

  • Inspire: an online group that manages the connection of sponsors, clinicians, and patients

  • TriNetX: a global network using patient data to perform trial cohort analysis and connect CROs and biopharma companies with clinicians



  • DarkMatter2bd: by leveraging modern technologies and MedFuse data they help you optimize clinical and marketing programs while reducing costs and accelerating results.
  • ePatientFinder: principal investigators and CROs can use this platform to identify eligible patients for a particular clinical trial

  • Bioclinica: research network that supports patient recruitment and retention

 Free ebook download: Learn the 4-step process that simplifies the site  budgeting process.



  • Emerging Med: clinical trial navigation service that also serves to screen patient eligibility

  • MassiveBio: aka ‘virtual tumor board’ by targeting specific cancer therapy and patient biomarker profiles



  • Science37: allows patients to give consent virtually and participate in studies remotely



  • iSTEP: a software (still in development) that allows for patient medication tracking


With all the buzz around artificial intelligence and data mining lately, we expect new technologies to be developed and used in the clinical trial process to increase exponentially within the next few years. 


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